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Friendship will not be separated by time. The promise of the past will not change over the years. So never cry because a friend cheated on you

This month, Aries is not in the mood to compete or compete with others. It can be said that he wants to be alone, and mostly adopts an evasive attitude in the face of work challenges. In terms of wealth luck, it is advisable to be quiet, too conservative will make some good money-making opportunities slip away, and if you see a chance to make money, seize it! In terms of relationships, if your lover loses his temper, you will feel that the other party's attitude has been fixed repeatedly, and the communication is not very smooth, which makes you feel very uncomfortable. Be physically fit, there are many minor illnesses and pains, your physical strength, running around will make your whole body weak, so you need to rest more.

Aries are very naive this month, many things will have a start, and your enthusiasm and initiative will make many things start. This month's wealth luck is uneven, and the chance of losing money is that there is a little chance that electronic products, mobile phones or home appliances will suddenly break down! For some lovers, you will find that your lover is overwhelmed with preoccupations, and you ignore them and answer messages and phone calls. In addition, it is suitable for you to change your hairstyle this month, because you may change a hairstyle that you are satisfied with!

This month's work is relatively smooth, and there are solutions to many parts that were previously or tied up one by one, which makes you work better! Wealth luck is partial to wealth luck, and there will be wealth income. But love is not so good, you and the other party are not active enough, making love this month like a pool of stagnant water. Aries girls catch a cold this month, partly because of the weather, and partly because of the raging flu virus, so keep warm and prevent cold virus.

This month, you are creative, flexible, think of ideas, and how to communicate and appease your boss and guests. This is a very smooth month for your work. This month's money luck, some profitable investments can be settled at a profit this month, giving you an extra sum of money at hand. In terms of love, if you show and put your heart into it, you will definitely move the other party, so try it! Whether it's your posture, or your body always has back, shoulder and soreness issues because of stress, mood.

You can move forward this month, take the initiative to carry out plans and programs, and you can try to exchange conditions and collaborate with relevant people. Wealth luck this month, the God of Wealth favors you very much, you will get many opportunities to increase your income, grasping it will enrich your wallet! Love luck this month, make others envious with your lover; if you are single, you will have a peach blossom this month, and your partner! It's just that overwork will make you feel that you don't have much time to sleep this month, which makes you have dark circles. Resting more to nourish your liver is a very important thing this month.

You will be affected by emotions this month. Mood ups and downs will greatly affect your work performance and performance. Maintaining your mood will make you perform! This month, you have to face some problems and situations at home. It is the economic problems at home that require you to stand up and deal with them. Love is going well this month, it depends on how much you have paid for this love before, you will get reconciliation if you give love! This month, you are overexerted and sore due to excessive exercise or overwork. It is recommended that you take more baths and stretch your body.

You don't have much choice this month, you can only act in one direction, but the work content is not what you want to do, so your ability to act is much reduced. You spent a lot of money on entertainment this month, and you lost your wallet, which made you bankrupt this month. This month, the love relationship of Capricorns has dropped to freezing point, and there is little communication with them, and there may be a cold war. If this continues, there will be no relationship!

No matter how you have been in the past 15 years, whether you have achieved results or not, you are determined to become yourself in one year. If you have gained something in the past year, then obviously you are not satisfied with this. You are eager to make further breakthroughs, even if you overthrow yourself in the past. At all costs, if you performed well in 2015, you will not be able to indulge yourself like this from now on, and your fighting spirit will be high this year.

What is certain is that the first month of 2016 has extraordinary significance for you. A certain change happened to you at the beginning of 2016. This month continues the trend of last month. This month is destined to be restless for a month. The determination to change has been brewing for a long time. It’s coming, if last month you couldn’t wait to seek a breakthrough but suffered from the fall of your guardian star, you can do it, and now your guardian star has come to the temple position (entering Scorpio on the 4th) and staying here, to a certain extent stimulate your potential and become an opportunity for yourself advent. In the sense that a decision you make this month affects your entire 2016, that twist of fate will not take effect, and at the end of the year when you look back on the history you may be thankful for that step.

Undoubtedly, the change comes from your life planning, your personal prospects and career have undergone transformation, some workplace changes have occurred, for example, you may leave your current company, transfer positions, exclude people from changing career paths, and have the courage to try career directions. If it does not point to changes in work, it may indicate that you have ambitions and visions for the future. You may be satisfied with your current position, want to overthrow everything you currently have, and look forward to high-level promotion in your career. It means that you don't want to let yourself go on, you hope to continue to tap your career potential, you desperately hope that you can become a person with connotation and live a life with depth.

In the second half of December, your life and career will be tilted. This month, this situation is prominent, which means that you have been working recently. Not only has your workload increased, you may need to find time to learn professional skills, or you are determined to expand your career depth. At the same time, you Make some career plans and continue to polish yourself on the basis of your original major. And ambition is always accompanied by pressure. If you want to prove your ability, you may force yourself to bear a lot and endure the work state. In the middle and early stages, you may become "reclusive" and "reclusive" in your career most of the time, revolve around work, and friends. The number of contacts has decreased, and it has become an insulator for entertainment and fashion topics.

It should be noted that you may become a little overwhelmed by the changes brought about by the Uranus and Pluto in the first ten days. Although you want to change yourself, you still need time to adapt to this change. Career changes may affect your future positioning in the short term. Because a certain change has caused you to worry about the future, Mercury will go retrograde in your career sector on the 9th, which may hinder your ambitions, such as the problem of overturning old accounts, and cold wars between colleagues. After experiencing these changes, there may be news in the career field, and some people will get job opportunities, while others will not be rewarded immediately if you make a certain career adjustment decision, but as long as you make efforts to make this change, the reward will be matter.

Since Mercury stagnated retrograde in your friendship sector before the 9th, and there was a square between your ruler and retrograde Mercury, this may bring you interpersonal problems, such as being busy with your career and neglecting interpersonal building, and having a lot of relationships with some friends, it may be You don't have much energy to care about a certain friend, misunderstand the other party because of gossip, say something wrong in a certain circle, or leave a certain team because of disagreement. On the 21st, the sun shifts to your friendship palace to improve interpersonal problems to a certain extent. You may attend parties around the 24th of the full moon and open up your social circle.

Today's fortune analysis If you like him, although he likes you, if you can get love from others, there will only be tears! Spending tends to tend, so don't feel tight money; business sentiment is buoyant today, gains dwindle, but ease.

Today's love fortune is suitable for communication and discussion of consensus, and both husband and wife can rationally think about how to move forward in the future.

You'll be fine for the next year, just plan lightly and focus on timing (we've kindly marked your dates). how you said that? Your ruler Mars will be retrograde for part of 2016 from April to August. During this period, the power of Mars will weaken, and after finally returning to direct motion, Mercury will retrograde, and it will last from August 30 to January 22, 2017.

Let me explain to you why it takes so long for dynamic Mars to retrograde. It takes two days for the disk of Mars to move 1°. In early April, before the date Mars officially begins retrograde, it will take 7 days for Mars to advance 1°. Going retrograde, between April 17 and June 29, it takes Mars nine days to move 1°. So there will be a period of Mars retrograde in Aries. However, Mars just finished retrograde and regained energy on August 22, and Mercury quickly retrograde, which lasted from August 30 to September 22. During Mercury retrograde, life moves at a snail's pace.

This means you will need to start project relationship arrangements between January (inclusive) and March, and between October and December. Why am I excluded in January? Because Mercury is retrograde for a full month from January 5 to 25. But there are potential astrology in January, so don't rule out January, I will discuss January later.

In many ways, May is the month to let you down, with 5 out of 8 planets in your solar system out of order, including Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto. May is the month to gain approval and start projects. May wish to take advantage of this time to spend. Don't worry, nothing serious will happen while you're gone. During this time Mars will be stationed in Sagittarius, the travel sign, so despite Mars' power, you can find time to travel to places in the world, Hawaii, Paris, the Alps… The good news is that your career will arrive on September 27. During November 9, when Mars is stationed, you will have a little tact to avoid and procrastinate.

With so many retrograde planets in 2016, it means you need to spend a lot of time thinking about what's going on, what's going well and what's not, as they may interact. From April to September, there is a risk of delay in various projects, but if you settle down and find a way, you will find yourself more competitive. Sometimes we are willing to change, and unless we change, we are grateful to the universe for forcing us to change.

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Aries Horoscope for January 2016_Easy Home Horoscope

Oxygen Astrology January 2016 Aries Horoscope

Everyone can feel the influence of planetary retrograde. Virgos are "extreme" (not derogatory). They are used to reviewing and continuously improving their works, so they are ordinary people when planetary retrograde affects. But you, Aries, you always want to open up new territories and are used to moving forward, so during this period, you will feel disappointed and unable to speed up and feel powerless. Remember, don't go against the rhythm of life, go with the trend is the choice.

In your world, you have the opportunity to return to the human heart, and there are projects and deep-seated life goals that you wanted to do before but were placed due to time. You may reunite with your former boss or friend from January or April to September, and your relationship has the opportunity to go further.

It is human nature to rush forward, but we can only see the big picture when we stop, otherwise we are just exhausted. You want to reduce your workload and have more time for your private life? You will have such an opportunity in the middle of the year, but this will not take away the professional momentum accumulated over the past few years.

This year's astrology is that Saturn and Neptune oppose each other at a 90-degree angle three times. This angle is called "obstacle" in astrology. This means you may need to make some kind of choice. The last time this happened was between 1979 and 1980, so it's all too familiar to you.

With Saturn ruling your tenth house of career, you may have a creative idea that you would like higher-ups to present. Neptune is associated with creative ideas, as it rules the twelfth house of creativity, the subconscious, and intuition. Saturn, on the other hand, rules reality and advocates objectivity and practicality, as well as all the details of life (including finances). In other words, Saturn rules all things that can be seen and touched, while Neptune is all about fantasy. As you can see, these two planets have opposite natures and opposite values.

You might ask, should you scale down your project so that it can raise money now, or sell other companies and wait until the time comes? If you choose the latter, it may be several years before you see your project go the way you hoped (the project may start next year, but not now).

Alas, this is not an answer question. If you want to sell your ideas to other companies in 2016, you may run into budget constraints. Only you can make the decision. You need to be practical if you want your plans to come to fruition. But thinking that this situation will eventually end, I still feel somewhat relieved. It may be a compromise to think about whether there is a way to express creative ideas with a budget.

In 2016, Mercury will be retrograde 3 times, for a total of 3 weeks, in January, May and most of September. Mercury and earth signs move during each retrograde period. This is 2016 from another planet – Mercury your advice: face reality. Keep your eyes open and see the world as it is, not as you imagine it to be. In terms of feelings, you have to accept the way you are, instead of focusing on him becoming what you want, this reality.

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Susan Miller January 2016 Aries Horoscope

Constellation丨Aries monthly fortune in 2016

In the workplace, you will have a lot of action and achievements. On March 16 and June 26, good luck Jupiter, now in your sixth house of work and tasks, will light up energy planet Pluto, now in your tenth house of fame. The work you are doing around these two dates is likely to earn approval and popularity from others. You will gain the favor of customers and attract many repeat customers in business.

Jupiter and Pluto represent financial planets, so you may make a lot of money, whether it's bonuses, commissions, or appreciation and salary increases. There won't be similar fortunes before 2020, so be grateful for the next good fortune, but don't forget that you earned it yourself.

Mentioned March 16 and June 26, your career will be excellent in January (not as much as these two dates, but you will have a chance). Although Mercury will be retrograde from the 5th to the 25th of this month, it will not affect your career luck. A long time ago, someone else promised you a promotion may be fulfilled at this time, which may happen at the new moon on January 9 and within 10 days after that. You need to accept the situation though: titles, but multiple responsibilities.

Circle the three days on your calendar, January 12, 13 and 14, for the New Moon on the 9th to draw strength from. Conversations will go well, so save the interview for a few days. Not too long ago your achievements would come into play, your experience would be valued by clients or leaders, and they would see you as the best person to deal with clients.

July 19 will be a key node in the workplace. But that's full moon time and it's not that powerful. If you receive a job offer on this date, you may not be satisfied. And if you get promoted at this time, it may not be a good thing, because then you will find that you are under unnecessary pressure. At this point in time, work affairs are going smoothly. It is better to wait for an opportunity, such as the end of the year.

Your ruler Mars will be in full force at the end of the year, so between September 27 and November 9 when Mars shifts into your tenth house of fame, you will. This is news for you, because remember what I said just now? Mars will be retrograde in the middle of the year, and Mercury retrograde will end on September 22. After that, your fortune will improve. At the end of 2016, mainly in the few weeks of October, you will have career development, whether it is your current position or changing jobs. Either way, your "worth" will skyrocket!

You may need a partner, headhunter, referral, lawyer or other intermediary to help you find a job by the end of the year (if there is such a need). The new moon of September 30 will be the best in 2016, so bring an agent. This new moon will affect other aspects, and I will explain it in detail.

, Let's take a look at the lucky star Virgo staying for about a year. The planet of good fortune first entered Virgo, your sixth house of work and marriage, on August 11, 2015. You should have seen the power of Jupiter, and you should have been given the task of making your colleagues salivate at work (and this trend will continue). You can get a lot of business if you start your own business. Need to recruit, in 2016 you will find the helper you need, he will make your team a lot more efficient.

Jupiter stationed in Virgo will enhance your charm. If you are going to have surgery or therapy, schedule it before September 9, because Jupiter's extraordinary healing powers will help you. If you're fit, you can start exercising (you probably do), and potentially make exercising part of your routine. If you are sick, you will find a doctor to treat you. Do your homework before seeing a doctor, and ask a friend for advice.

After years of research, I have found that a Jupiter stay in the 6th house like yours is an ideal house for weight loss. Sticking to a diet is a thing for you. If losing weight is your goal, get moving. You create habits now that will have an impact for years to come. And if you don't plan to lose weight, you will lose your figure under this force.

[Peach blossom luck, suitable for marriage]

Such a year of emphasizing a public role will give you time to run your love "career". Here are a few days of peach blossom luck in 2016. Valentine's Day weekend, February 13-14, because Mars and Jupiter are in ideal angle.

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