【2018 Tiger Woman and Horse Man】Whether a Horse, a Horse, or a Tiger Are Compatible | 2018 Tiger is auspicious | How to match a Horse with a Tiger?

This pair will still do it, and the two have nothing to ask for from each other. The two of them are cautious in doing things, and they will not cause any trouble to each other, so the life will still be warm.

The two are work lovers, and they will discuss their work when they have nothing to do. I feel happy meeting each other a little bit, and help and enlighten the other party when they encounter bottlenecks. So two people will support, life is still.

The man likes the strength of the woman, and thinks that they can save a lot of trouble when they are together, and don't need them to worry about it. But sometimes the woman will be unreasonable, which makes boys. If they can adjust this point, this pair is still very good.

A horse man likes such girls and feels that they are very comfortable together. They are willing to accept the woman's troubles and appreciate her personality. So the two of them are harmonious, but sometimes girls should not be too egotistical, and they can't always let boys just give and get nothing. Otherwise, you will be tired after time.

Every boy will have his own thoughts when he sees young and beautiful women. And the woman is a very boring person, knowing that she is addicted to her own world every day and doesn't care about boys at all, so this promotes the possibility of boys cheating. So it mainly depends on whether the woman knows how to manage her life. If they wake up in time, they can live a good life, otherwise they can only face the ending of breaking up.

The man is precocious, while the woman is childish. This caused two people, the man had to spoil the woman, otherwise they would quarrel. But horse men are short-tempered, and they may calm down to please each other every time. So this combination is not very good, and there are always many twists and turns.

The woman can be supported enough by the man, whether it is financially or family management. The man knows how to be grateful and treats the woman well. So this pairing is still, two people will live a warm life.

When two tempered people bump into each other, as long as there is a little trouble, no one will come to fight. Because they are too familiar with each other, whoever backs down and bows his head thinking of the other party, this way the marriage will be smooth.

The man wants to be a wife who doesn't have to worry about himself, and the woman is a very independent person. Therefore, the two people respect each other as guests, and there are no twists and turns in life.

Horse men are easy-going, energetic and courageous, outgoing and unrestrained. Be innovative, stick to the rules, follow the old ways. Winning and not admitting defeat, likes to show off, and is willing to fall behind in everything. Quick response, thinking, well-developed mind, cheerful personality, enthusiastic, treat people, is a natural optimist. But lack, temper, insist on going your own way, listen to persuasion, self-willed, and taste the bitter fruit of failure.

Women are very sensible, they know how to deal with people around them. And this is what the man lacks, so the man depends on the woman very much for his life, and the two cannot be separated for a moment, otherwise the man will be at a loss and always feel lost. It's a match.

The woman has it, and if she decides something, she can change it resolutely. The man, on the other hand, will consider all aspects of everything. So they can't understand girls' thinking, they always consider their own feelings, and the two match very well.

Girls are lazy, which is something that Horse people can't bear. In their minds, girls should be like sunshine, making people look energetic every day. However, his wife is lifeless every day, which makes them look very sad, and even their own mood has changed.

With this pairing, the man can't stand the woman coming home late every day. The women are suspicious and know what they are doing outside, but the women always have the attitude of the men. They feel that they are innocent and not afraid of shadows, so they don't want to explain to them, so the misunderstanding will deepen and the relationship between the two will deteriorate.

When two people match each other, both parties are in their own right, and there is no conflict. It's just that the man doesn't understand the style, which makes the woman feel bad, but this kind of thing can't be said, so I can only complain in my heart. There will be no problem with marriage, President, but it depends on whether the woman can think about it.

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Are horses, horses and tigers compatible? Is the tiger auspicious in 2018?

How about male horse and female tiger?

The man is always efficient in doing things, which satisfies the woman. I think they can be at ease together. And as long as the woman takes the initiative to pick things up, the couple will still do it, and there is nothing that will cause a confrontation between the two.

The woman likes to take risks and do things boldly. And the man is always timid, worried that things will get messed up and know how to end it. So they always block the woman, which makes the horse woman very angry. However, the personalities of the two people determine the same way of doing things. Two people will not change themselves, so marriage will not.

Horse men are active, passionate and unrestrained. Tiger women are confident and strong. So is a man born under the sign of the horse and a woman born under the sign of the tiger compatible? Can a horse man and a tiger woman have a happy relationship? Next, let us analyze the pairing situation of a man born in the horse sign and a woman born in the tiger sign from the perspective of zodiac signs.

Yin-tiger and Hai-pig are in Liuhe, followed by Wuma and Xugou in triad, so they are compatible with the above three zodiac signs.

Yin-Tiger and Shen-Monkey oppose each other, and Si-Snake and Shen-Monkey form three punishments. Therefore, if the Tiger finds the Snake and the Monkey, this is a good match.

Horse men are easy-going, energetic and courageous, outgoing and unrestrained. Be innovative, stick to the rules, follow the old ways. Winning and not admitting defeat, likes to show off, and is willing to fall behind in everything. Quick response, thinking, well-developed mind, cheerful personality, enthusiastic, treat people, is a natural optimist. But lack, temper, insist on going your own way, listen to persuasion, self-willed, and taste the bitter fruit of failure.

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2018 Horse Zodiac Marriage Table

Are horse men and tiger women compatible?

Everyone wants a happy and happy marriage, and hopes that after marriage, the husband and wife will live in harmony and stay together through thick and thin. Since ancient times, many people will look at whether the two are compatible or incompatible before getting married. Are the tiger woman and the horse man compatible together? Take a look below.

You two are made for each other, and you are very close. You are warm and cheerful personality, good at communication, emotionally assertive, pursuing vigorous love, and like each other's pressure. Therefore, the two feel relaxed and happy at the beginning, and the relationship will develop smoothly. A man born in the horse sign is witty, aggressive, and motivated; while a woman born in the tiger sign is full of pursuits and ideals. Together, they will lead a colorful life.

Compatible with: Horse, Dog and Pig. Great auspiciousness, one heart and one heart forever, high morals and prestige, family business will eventually be accomplished, wealth and glory, and descendants will prosper.

Unsuitable matches: Snake, Monkey, harmony between husband and wife, hopeless, broken fortune, emptiness.

Explanation: Yin Tiger Hai Pig Liuhe, so find someone who belongs to Pig, this is the best marriage. The second is the triad of horses and dogs in the afternoon, which is the best marriage, so it is advisable to find a horse or a dog. Tiger and Tiger are in conflict with Monkey, so avoid finding Monkey, this is the next marriage. Yin Tiger, Snake, and Shen Monkey constitute three punishments, so avoid finding snakes and monkeys, this is the next marriage.

Compatible with: Tiger, Sheep and Dog. Great auspiciousness, the husband and wife respect each other, the purple air comes from the east, happiness is peaceful, and the family is prosperous.

I wish you a long time and be a single dog. 2018 is unknowingly in the middle, and you are still single in 2017, are you trying to get out of the single? To help everyone get out of the singles smoothly, today we have brought you the emotional fortune of the zodiac in 2018, let's see when you will get out of the singles. In 2018, the "official star" of the Taisui female of the rat sign represents husband and love, and the "official star" reveals strength, so single rat people may leave the singles in 2018. It is very likely that there will be some moving things such as traveling, business trips and meeting people you like. But be careful to avoid rotten peach blossoms. Although single men born in the year of the Rat are not as lucky as women, they have a chance because of the "spiritual relief" shining on them. Because the "Taiyin" auspicious star appears, it means that there are female nobles, so it is suggested that in 2018, the ox people should look for a female matchmaker among the army of relatives and friends urging marriage. If you meet someone you like, remember to seize the opportunity so as not to miss the good match. Single Ox women are very lucky, but to make friends and choose a mate, you must recognize the other person's character and disposition. The relationship fortune of most single men born in the year of Ox is not good. Single Tiger people, because the peach blossoms will skyrocket in the year of Taisui, so in 2018, Tiger people should grasp the peach blossoms and be wary of rotten peach blossoms. 2018 is a golden period for single men and women who belong to the tiger, and they may encounter love through the introduction of friends and relatives. However, the soaring popularity may make the tiger people lose their judgment, causing them to wander in the relationship and fall into cheating disputes. Remember to choose love rationally. If you are single, you will meet in 2018 when you are born in Tai Sui. In addition, you are eager for a reliable marriage, like to take the initiative, and you can take the initiative to chase after you have a good impression, so you may get out of the single. Emotionally, you will meet positive wealth, and a rich man will meet you. Therefore, it is best for men who belong to the rabbit to fall in love and get married in 2018, and single women may appear next year. But you need to beware of rotten peach blossoms, otherwise not only will it not bring you, but it will also bring disaster. Single Dragon people in 2018 have the opportunity to socialize and make many friends of the opposite sex in the workplace this year, but it is only a superficial relationship with substantial progress. Due to age, pressure from relatives and friends, and getting rid of being single, some people of the Dragon sign will be eager for success. As a result, they will often part ways due to lack of mutual understanding, and will fall into emotional traps by mistake, resulting in loss of life and wealth. , When dealing with a relationship, you must adhere to the principle of "rather lack than excess", and you can start a relationship after getting to know each other. Entering 2018, because of the "Red Luan" star in the zodiac, next year will be a lucky zodiac sign for snake people, and it is very likely to meet the person you like and get married in a flash. However, the "violent defeat" and "Death" stars disrupt the situation, which is likely to cause a rift in the relationship, or attract other suitors of mixed quality. Therefore, single Snake people will take the initiative to pursue love.

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