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Destiny 01 "Bazi Qimen Time and Space" Zhouyi Research and Training Textbook Genuine 408 pages Author: Yuan Yiqing 40 Yuan Zhisheng Measures True Biography Skills Without Doubt Instant Effect Time and Space" Chinese Ancient Books Wonderful Works! This book is mainly about the horoscope of birth, Qimen Dunjia, and the main content of the horoscope information of time and space. It is divided into three parts 1, the basic part of the four pillars and horoscopes 2, the space-time prediction system 3, and the Qimen Dunjia prediction system.

Mr. Chen Boyu has decades of experience in traditional numerology, and he uses modern language to discuss it; This book is both academic and practical, systematic and practical combined with the best numerology textbook, so it is recommended.

Die Ming 03 Hu Yiming's 2009 Bazi Numerology Professional Apprentice Class 2-day recording MP3+pdf notes over 10 hours of recording 100 yuan (34 pages of notes, 2 photos of the environment outside the teaching venue)

Chen 2 "The New School's Detailed Instructions, 17 Cases Extensively Explained" 16 pages 31 Li Hanchen 35 yuan

Die Ming 9 "Li, Hanchen, 2005 Advanced Class Recording + Electronic Notes" 6 lectures 180 yuan

Hong 11 Li Hongcheng "A Brief Analysis of 6,000 Cases of Ancient and Modern Four Pillars" Life Cases from A to Gui Years Birth Cases Six volumes special price 220 yuan (six albums, each volume has 16 pages and 200 pages, each volume is priced at 55 yuan, and the complete set is 220 yuan. Content introduction: book Edited by Mr. Li Hongcheng, the six series have a total of 6,000 cases of four pillars, and each case has a brief analysis. This book is a professional book for lovers of four pillars. It can be used for learning and searching.)

This set of materials is the actual combat version of blind numerology, which is guided by Mr. Duan Jianye's blind numerology theory and the application of folk life-breaking skills, which is practical. This set of materials was exchanged from Yiyou. I heard that the introduction price is 150 yuan and 970 yuan per copy. Interested friends may wish to take a look.

Blind faction numerology is practical and practical in actual combat, direct and divine, and highlights the world of numerology. Most of the methods are taught orally, and the formulas and songs are spread among the people and people get them.

Cheng 16 "Secret Method of Green Dragon Round Root Formation" Zhang Chengda 50 yuan This method is specially used in factories, enterprises, and stores to adjust Feng Shui, seek good luck and avoid evil, and promote wealth and wealth. After mastering this method, every company that masters this method adjusts Feng Shui, asking for a price of 30,000 to 40,000 yuan, and guarantees that the effect is remarkable, and a refund will be given. The asking price for teaching this method is five to six thousand yuan. Now this method is passed on to those who are destined.

Cheng 18 "Yi Ling——Collected Works of Apprenticeship Meeting" by Zhang Chengda, 32 pages, 251 pages, priced at 55 yuan.

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Six Yao Xiangshu Series

Cheng 19 "Tong Ying Duan" by Zhang Chengda, 32 pages, 319 pages, priced at 45 yuan

Cheng 20 "Zhang Chengda's Secret Method of Painting Talismans Correspondence Free Question and Answer Materials" Zhang Chengda Biography! (Original: 300 yuan correspondence materials) This material is fully explained, free of questions and answers! The special price is 58 yuan.

Cheng 22 "Bazi Prediction Lecture" by Zhang Chengda, 16 materials, 83 pages, priced at 40 yuan.

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Cheng 23 "Blind Teacher Fortune-telling Method" compiled by Zhang Chengda (dictated by blind teacher Zhang Qingxian) 37 pages, priced at 25 yuan

Cheng 24 "Selected Examples of Xiangshu Ganzhi Fengshui Survey Houses" by Zhang Chengda, 24 pages, priced at 25 yuan.

Cheng 25 "Uncovering the Secrets of Liu Ren Jin Mouth Formula" compiled by Zhang Chengda (dictated by Zhang Qingxian, a blind teacher) is priced at 40 yuan. This book reveals the secrets in two aspects: one is to reveal the secrets and places in the original work that do not teach the Dharma, so that scholars can understand it. For example: "how to determine the orientation", "solar terms or middle qi to divide the monthly building", "how to divide the sunrise and sunset" have their own unique opinions, "the second guest method", "youdulu", "Xuanwu Shithief method", "biyujing" "Central nerve" explained in detail. The second is Mr. Zhang, a blind man, who starts class to reveal the secrets of the straight judgment method, and returns his golden formula, straight judgment, and quasi-examination of his true qualities, such as: straight judgment of intentions, weather, asking for trouble, greetings, official salary, official lawsuit, travel, pedestrians, Fleeing, getting lost, losing six animals, asking for money, marriage, pregnancy, gambling, disease, good or bad year, month, day, time, house, grave… As long as you read this textbook, you can master the method of quasi-testing and breaking the class with golden formulas. The book is 261 pages long!

Cheng 26 "Golden Lock and Iron Snake Pass" by Zhang Chengda, 16 pages and 2 pages, priced at 15 yuan.

Cheng 27 "Flying Stars in the Mysterious Sky" by Zhang Chengda, 32 pages and 5 pages, priced at 15 yuan.

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