【Dream of being kissed by an annoying ex-husband】Is it because the ex-husband has no more love? What does a divorced woman mean when she dreams of her ex-husband kissing her?

The reason why we care about our ex when we dream about it is because the ex appears in the dream and makes us, "Obviously I love him/her", "Obviously we broke up for so many years", "Obviously I let go", why do we dream about our ex?

It is said that "we think about it every day and dream about it at night", but we really don't miss our ex. , the remaining love is unfinished, there are many other reasons for dreaming about your ex.

Dreaming about your ex may indicate that your ex still has a relationship to resolve.

2. The ex-boyfriend gave you a gift. The ex-boyfriend should have affection for you, which means that if you want to get back together, there is a chance to be together.

Many times, dreaming about your ex (ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend, ex-wife, ex-husband) is because you long for and miss the relationship itself, and it means you love your ex.

For example, you and your ex-husband have been divorced for 10 years, and now you have started a family. When you meet your ex-husband, you have no waves in your heart. However, you may dream about your ex-husband and the scene of your wedding with your ex-husband, it is because you miss the time and love in your twenties deep in your heart.

In other words, dreaming about your ex is not because of the ex, but because you recall and miss a certain feeling and scene in your dream. The reason why you dream about your ex, not someone else, is because of this memory It's just with an ex. If you have experienced this memory with the incumbent, then you have dreamed about the incumbent.

Dreaming about your ex may be because your ex possessed some qualities that your current one lacks. So, you dream about these qualities of your ex, not your ex.

For example, your ex was cheerful and sunny, and got along well with your friends; while your current one is always busy with work and participates in gatherings between you and your friends, making you feel that other people are in pairs at parties, and your current one is with you, letting you, so You would expect an ex to be with you for this trait.

1. Kissing with ex-boyfriend. Dreaming of kissing with ex-boyfriend means that you still have affection in his heart. If you have a boyfriend, it means that your current boyfriend feels a little bit, so you ask him to date your ex-boyfriend.

Dreaming of having sex with the same sex indicates that the dreamer may have doubts about his sexual role.

3. Getting back together with your ex-boyfriend means that you are sorting out the previous relationship in your heart and have a positive attitude towards the next relationship.

4. When dating your ex-boyfriend, you miss the good times with him, so you think of working with him. However, it should be noted that if your current interpersonal or emotional situation is different, this kind of dream reflects your idea of ​​"wanting to escape from reality".

5. Received contact from ex-boyfriend and dreamed of "received contact dream", which means that you feel in love or interpersonal relationship now, and the desire of "wanting to contact other people" and "wanting others to understand" is reflected in the dream.

6. Even if your ex-boyfriend and girlfriend are together, even if you don’t have it, you still have a crush on him, and he can’t understand that he can get it by abandoning himself. However, if you in the dream are happy and blessed for having a girlfriend, it means that you are ready for the next relationship.

7. The attitude of the ex-boyfriend is very concerned about your past failures in love, and is afraid that you will repeat the same mistakes in the future, feeling in love. However, looking at it from another angle, this means that you have a "possibility" happening now, so it makes you feel, try to overcome obstacles, take the courage to take that step!

8. My ex-boyfriend married another woman and sent a wedding post. I dreamed that my ex-boyfriend married another woman, which means that you hope to see this happen, and there is a corner of your heart holding the idea that "he can marry me".

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9. Dreaming about dating with your ex-boyfriend, dreaming about playing with your ex-boyfriend, means that you still have a crush on him. If most of the content in the dream is, it means that you want him to get back together.

Guide: Homosexuality is the era that most people accept, and in some countries gay marriage is rationalized, so homosexuality is not a word that everyone can’t avoid. If you dream about homosexuality in your dream, what does it mean to dream about homosexuality? Is it good to dream about homosexuality? Next, let’s find out with the editor.

Homosexuality in the dream means that you try hard to accept some of the content that you originally disliked, so as to achieve mutual integration, so that the result will appear ideal. In addition, remind you to pay attention to your own problems in interpersonal relationships and love, maybe you are a little isolated, people around you or in love with each other, lack of trust, interpersonal relationships make you feel pressure; maybe you hate entanglement.

Dreaming about homosexuality, you don’t have to worry about whether you have homosexual tendencies. This dream tells you that you need to pay attention to love problems and interpersonal relationships. You may hate heterosexual entanglement or isolation.

Dreaming that you are gay, if you are attracted to someone of the same sex in the dream, it may indicate that you long for parental love and family warmth in your heart.

Dreaming of homosexual friends kissing means that you are harmonious and appreciate and like you in your heart.

Dreaming of having sex with the same sex indicates that the dreamer may have doubts about his sexual role.

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Dreaming of two people of the same sex having sex means that the dreamer lacks love, but he sticks to traditional moral concepts and intends to actively pursue love.

People planning to go out dream of homosexuality, suggesting that there are many obstacles. Delay travel.

Pregnant people dream of homosexuality, indicating that they will give birth to girls, and winter will give birth to boys. Beware of miscarriage.

Entrepreneurs dream of homosexuality, which means that they will make money smoothly, otherwise they will be fooled and learn to be good.

Talking about marriage Marriage Dreaming of homosexuality indicates that it is difficult to achieve, so don't look for a partner.

People preparing for exams dream of homosexuality, which means that they will be ideal in two subjects and come next year.

Dreaming that you like friends or know people means that you admire this person's character and want to be the same sex as this person.

Dreaming about someone having sex means that you want to get close to this person.

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